Tips Toppers follow to score high marks in class

How to Score high marks in class?

Education is the most important part of life. If you want to get admission to a good college or want to do a good job then you have to study very hard because day by day competition is increasing and you know it very well. In this article, we will tell you some effective tips to study so that you can score high marks or become a topper in school or college.

If you are an average student, you are trying your best but not getting desired results that means something is wrong in your strategy you need to change it. Be it an exam or class, if you want to become a topper or score high marks, for this you will have to study smart along with hard work and there are many other rules which you have to follow daily, only then you can become a topper. so let's know about some tips that toppers follow to score high marks in the exam.

1. Pay attention in class

If you listen carefully and understand what the teacher is teaching in class, then half of your study will be completed in class. After that, you just need to revise it to remember but most of the student doesn't pay attention in class. They think that they will study at home due to this they miss all the concepts and when they try to learn at home they find it quite difficult to remember.

2. Make your own Notes

If you want to top in class or board exam then you cannot depend on other notes or question banks or series sold in the markets. Only 70-75% marks can be obtained from them. If you really want to top the board exam, then you have to make your own notes. Nothing is better than self-made notes. Read from your own notes. Believe that no one will score better than you.

3. Study smart not Hard

Do an effective study, do not read all day
Yes, you read it right. Toppers and experts suggest this strategy to score high marks. No human can read all day long. So instead of reading more throughout the day, do effective study in less time. This will help you to top the board exam.

4. Say no to distractions

Stay away from things that distract you from studies
such as social networking sites, Facebook, chatting, etc. Do not watch TV, do not spend much time on the internet, reduce mobile usage significantly. These things disturb you a lot. If you really want to score high marks than you have to stay away from distractions.

5. Study the subjects more in which you are weak

Most students study only those subjects which they understand and which they like but do not pay attention to the subject in which they are weak, pay more attention to the subject in which you are weak and practice as much as possible so that you can bring good marks.

6. Solve Previous year Paper

To score high marks in the exam, you have to know the pattern of the exam for this you have to solve the previous year's question paper, it will help a lot to get good marks in the exam, so always be sure to solve the old paper before the exam.

So these are some tips that you can adopt in your daily life, keep in mind that you have to study diligently and also follow some time table, only then you will become topper.


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