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How parents should behave with their children?

Every Parent wants their children to be good, gentle, and successful in life. It is a natural desire of every parent and there is nothing wrong to wish a good, intelligent, and sincere child as a parent. But this wish can only become true if the parents themselves are hardworking and sincere. Because children learn by observing their parents. If their own personality and character are not good then how can they expect good qualities in children? They should have the goodness, the virtues that they want to see in their child. only then their wishes can come true. so in this article, we have tried to explain how parents should behave with their children

Give True Love and Respect

Every person in this world needs love and respect. Even animals and birds need too. Children also aspire for true affection and respect.when you show your love towards your children they feel safe and satisfied. So don't hesitate to show your love and give respect as well. Some parents might think that why we should give respect as a parent but always remember that what you give to others, that is what you multiply and get back in life.

Neither compare nor humiliate

Remember every child has their own ability and skills. The ability that is present in your child may not be present in others. If your child wants to be an artist, singer, photographer or want to do business and is trying in this direction then do not humiliate him by comparing him to the child who wants to become a doctor, engineer, or CA. Encourage him and let him choose his own path.

Don't scold unnecessarily

If your child did anything wrong then first try to find out whether it was done intentionally or by mistake. If it is a mistake then don't scold unnecessarily because it's human nature to make mistakes. Some weakness is present in every human being.on the other hand, if it was done intentionally then give him a chance, don't be over rude. Discuss the matter with him, try to know the reason behind doing it.  Explain to them the consequences of their wrong actions. Encourage them to do good work. Set an example in front of them. There is no harm if you have to show some toughness to get them on the right path.

Keep your problem private

Nowadays quarrels between husband and wife are common. But don't argue in front of children as every child love their parents so they can't see them quarreling with each other this may affect their emotional and mental health. So try to keep these problems secret. It will be good for their mental health.

Don't do partiality

If you have more than one child then treat all your children equally. Never favor one of your children. It may cause loss of self-esteem and jealousy among siblings. Maybe one of your children is good in studies or work and the other may not be good at it but you still need to treat them equally.

Don't give unnecessary things

On the one hand, there are parents who are very strict and don't listen to their children at all and on the other hand, there are some parents who fulfill each and every wish of their children without knowing if the child really needs it or not. If you fulfill every demand even if it is not necessary then be careful your child can be spoiled. The child will never know the importance and value of things.

children are playful and curious by nature. when they see any attractive things their curious mind wants the thing at any cost. Even if it is not necessary they will still insist on taking it. But parents need to take care of it they should only give those things which are necessary.

If you want to make your child well-mannered then teach them how to use resources properly, tell them about the importance and value of everything. Do not ever let them feel that you will fulfill all their demands. Only then will you be able to do justice to them as a good parent.

Apologize if needed

Parents are not Gods, they are also humans, they also make mistakes. If you have given punishment or scolded them and later you came to know that they have not done this then please be polite and apologize to them. By doing this you will indirectly teach them to accept their mistakes.

Don't give too much pressure

Just as two fingers are not equal, in the same way the thought of two people cannot be the same. If the thought or ideas of your children do not match with your thought and they want to do things in their own way then do not force them to do in your way. But it is seen that parents unnecessarily pressurize their children to act as they wish. Giving too much pressure can cause a lot of problems in your children which may result in low self-esteem and this will end their motivation. so don't give too much pressure.


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