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Which stream to choose After 10th?

Study is very important for all of us whether to live a better life or to get a good job.we are all aware of the importance of education in life. Every parent wants to give the best education to their children that's why every parent sends their children to a good school in the hope that one day their children will become successful in life. But many students get confused after 10th, what to do, and what not to do? After class 10, it is important to choose the right subject to make a good career, also it is very important to know what we will be taught in class 12 so that you can get a rough idea about which field to choose and in which field you are interested. So in this article, we will discuss what to do after 10th. we will help you to choose the right field for you.

Career option after class 10 | career option after 10th

If you are also among those who have recently passed 10th board exam then this article is just for you. In fact, it is normal for students to get confused about choosing the Stream. Almost every student has to face this kind of problem. Many times, students are helped by big and educated people. If you are also among those who are confused about the choice of the subject, then today we are going to tell you about all the subjects in which a great career can be made. After passing the board exam of 10th, you have three main fields arts, commerce and science. so let us know what should we do after 10th, which subject will be good for you science, arts or commerce or something else. Along with this, you will also get to know the difference between arts, science, and commerce.

Reason to take Arts after 10th:-

Many people of India think that arts is taken by children whose 10th board mark is not good. They think that there is no scope in this field but actually it is not. If you read this subject well you can become a professor in any arts subject or you can become a lawyer, Judge, Journalist, fashion designer. These are the most popular career choices students take with an arts background. Also if you are interested in joining civil services you can give exams like UPSC after graduation and become IAS, IPS officer.

Subjects in arts stream:-

If you like arts and want to pursue your further studies in arts, then before taking this field you should know about the subjects that you will be taught in this stream. The main Subjects covered under the arts stream are:-

  • History: The first subject that comes in mind while taking about arts is History. It is basically the study of past events.It teaches us to learn from the mistake of others.
  • English: In this subject, you will be taught about English literature and English grammar.
  • Geography: In this subject, you will get to know more about the Earth, such as the reason for earthquakes, tsunami, etc.
  • Psychology: In this subject, you will get to know about the mind and behavior of human being very well.
  • Political Science: In this subject, you will get to read about systems of government and analytics of political activity.
  • Economics: in this subject, you will get to know more about India's Economics i.e. monetary policy, taxation, interest rates, etc.
  • Sanskrit: In this subject, you will get to learn about the Sanskrit language, this subject is optional.
  • Sociology: In this subject, you will be taught about the problems related to society. It is basically the study of social problems.
  • Philosophy: In this subject, you will be taught about human beings, what people think, how to stay stress-free, how to be happy, etc.
  • Hindi:- In this subject, you will learn about Hindi language and grammar.

Reason to take commerce after 10th

If you are among those who are interested in mathematics, business, calculus, commerce, and accounting, etc. then this stream will be very good for you. If you choose this stream then you will have a lot of career opportunities. From the field of commerce, you can also earn good money with a career like CA, CS, MBA, Banking, Finance, Insurance, CFA, Marketing, Sales, Retail, Business Manager, Analyzer, Advertiser, Economist, and Entrepreneur.

This stream is given a higher status in our society than Arts because if you want to take admission in commerce you need more percentage in 10th as compared to arts. If you have an interest in banking or want to become a Chartered Accountant (CA) then this stream is best for you. By studying in this stream you can become a bank manager, accountant, professor, etc.

Subjects in Commerce stream:-

Let us look at the subjects that you will be taught in this stream. These are the major subjects covered under commerce stream:-

  • Accountancy: In this subject, you will get to know how to deal with financial matters.
  • Economics: In this subject, you will get to know more about India's Economics like Goods and Service tax, etc.
  • Business Studies: In this subject, you will be taught about business, how to do business, what is needed in this, etc.
  • Mathematics: In this subject, you will be taught mathematics, which will be useful in many places. This math is totally different from the Math taught in the Science stream.
  • English: In this subject, you will be taught about English grammar, so that you can improve your English.

Reason to take Science after 10th

This stream is tough compared to arts and more valuable because the demand for this stream is very high. you need to score high marks in 10th to get admission to a good college.
If you choose science subject in 11th, then you have a lot to do in this field. Apart from becoming a doctor and engineer, there are many fields in science in which new heights of career can be found. You can make a career in two different fields medical and Non-Medical. There are many career opportunities in Medical field like Nursing, Lab Technician, Teaching, Pharmacy, Genetics, Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Naturopathy, Microbiology, Biotechnology, Zoology, Botany, Wild Life Science, Animal Doctor. In Non Medical field, you can become Civil, Mechanical, Electronics, Genetic Engineering, Environment Engineering, Government Engineer, AstroPhysics, Space Science, Chemical Engineering, Bsc in Maths or physics etc.

Subjects in Science Stream:-
The main subjects covered under science stream are:-

  • Physics: In this subject, you will get to know about topics like Laws of motion, electricity, work energy and power, etc.
  • Chemistry: In this subject, you will get to read about chemistry such as water, molecules, chemical, gas, etc.
  • Biology: This subject is further divided into botany and zoology. In botany, you will read about plants and in zoology, you will read about human body and animals.
  • Mathematics: In this subject, you are taught about topics like vectors, linear equations,derivative etc. 
  • Computer science: In this subject, you will be taught about computer, what is a computer, how to build software, programming, internet, etc.
  • Biotechnology: In this subject, you are taught about biotechnology such as biological systems, living organisms, etc. This subject is optional.

Diploma course after 10th 

If you don't want to go school after 10th and instead want to do a decent job by doing a short course or diploma course, then you can do this after 10th class, there are many institutes that offer diplomas in different fields/subjects. This type, of course, is very helpful in getting you a job, let's know in which subject you can do a diploma after passing 10th.

polytechnic after 10th

After passing 10th, if you don't want to do 11th and 12th in any of the three-stream mentioned above then polytechnic may be a very good option for you. Polytechnic is basically a diploma course in technical fields such as Diploma in Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, etc. After doing this course, you can apply for a job or you can also study for a Bachelor's degree.

 ITI after 10th

ITI courses are quite popular among students who have passed class X. There are many trades in ITI, which students can choose according to their preference, below are some of the popular courses.

-ITI Turner
-ITI Mechanic
-ITI Welder
-ITI Plumbers
-ITI Electrician

This is information related to the subjects which are mainly chosen by the students after 10th. Apart from this, we advise all the students that while choosing the subject, you should not take any decision under any mental pressure. You choose only those subjects which you are interested in and which you are happy to read. If you are still confused then you can take the help of career counseling.


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